Short Term Rentals in Texas Charter Township

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Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed in the Texas Charter Township? When we inquired with the township on whether or not short-term rentals are allowed on June 24th, 2022, the zoning administrator said: No – the ordinance requires a 90-day minimum rental. To confirm the restrictions are the same, here’s the township contact info. Website: Phone: … Read more

Are Short-Term rentals allowed In Grattan Township, Michigan?

A map image of the Grattan Township lines. It shows towns inside and outside of the township lines.

Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed In Grattan Township, Michigan? On June 2, 2021 the zoning administer said the following about short-term rentals in Grattan Township: In short, we don’t have an ordinance around STRs and they are permitted without needing any registration. I would inform you though that may change and state legislation is also pending … Read more

Are Short Term Rentals Allowed in Onota Township?

A map image of the Onota Township lines. It shows the map and the different towns in and around the township lines.

Are short term rentals allowed in Onota Township? The Township Clerk provided the following answer on June 8th, 2021: Short term rentals are strictly limited within Onota Township (only one zoning district).  At this time, we do not have a form or process to approve such uses.  To my understanding, the Alger County Building Department also requires regular … Read more

Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed in Casco Township (Allegan County)?

Please note, this article covers Casco Township in Allegan County, which borders Lake Michigan. Be careful not to confuse it with a township of the exact same name that is in St. Clair County, outside of Detroit. Does Casco Township (Allegan County) Allow Short-Term Rentals? Yes, Casco Township allows short-term rentals. There is an annual … Read more

Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed in Grand Haven Township?

Grand Haven Township is a suburb of Grand Haven City. But please note, the Township and the City are separate legal entities, each with its own ordinances. Both the Township and the City will be covered in this article. DOES GRAND HAVEN TOWNSHIP ALLOW SHORT-TERM RENTALS? Per the Township website, Short-Term Rentals are NOT allowed … Read more

Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed in Charlevoix Township?

Does Charlevoix Township Allow Short-Term Rentals? Yes, short-term rentals are allowed in Charlevoix Township. There is an annual registration, inspection, and fee requirement. The ordinance and form are available on our website: Application and Ordinance WHAT CITIES ARE LOCATED IN CHARLEVOIX TOWNSHIP? Charlevoix Township has one city located within it, which is the city of … Read more