Are Short Term Rentals Allowed in St. Joseph, Michigan?

Are Vacation Rentals Allowed in St. Joseph, Michigan?

When we contacted the City of St. Joseph on August 2, 2021 about whether or not short term rentals were allowed in the City of St. Joseph this is the response we got:

“The City allows short-term rentals as a Conditional Use in the R3 Multiple Family Residence and in the W Water Recreation zoning districts.  (There are a few left in single-family neighborhoods from the days before they were separately regulated, and those can continue until they are voluntarily extinguished by the owner.)

The zoning map, showing those zoning districts, is at the following link.  Please note that in some cases condominium associations have their own rules, separate from city ordinances.

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For more information, reach out to the city of St. Joseph.

Phone:  269.983.5541
Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

The City of St. Joseph, MI

A map image of the city of St. Joseph.

The city of St. Joseph, MI is separate from St. Joseph Charter Township as the city begins just outside the township’s boundaries. 

St. Joseph City Population

The city of St. Joseph has an estimated population of 8,281 people as of 2021. 

City Population Growth

This is a -1.00% decrease from the city’s population in 2010 which was 8,365 people.

Grocery Stores in the City of St. Joseph, MI

The city of St. Joseph does not have any major grocery stores to note. There are local options though, such as:

  • Olive Cart
  • Roger’s Foodland
  • Harding’s Market

Top Three Attractions in St. Joseph

The top three attractions to visit in St. Joseph are:

Top Three Restaurants

The top three restaurants to dine at in the city of St. Joseph are:

Top Three Calendar Events

The top three calendar events that happen in the city are:

  • Lake Bluff Artisan Fair
  • St. Joseph Masonic Lodge’s Annual Picnic
  • Chalk the Block. 

Is There A Starbuck’s Location?

Yes, there is a Starbuck’s located on S. Cleveland Avenue. 

What Lakes or Rivers Are Located in the city of St. Joseph? 

Paw Paw River flows through part of St. Joseph and empties into the St. Joseph River. Lake Michigan is also on the edge of the city’s boundaries. 

Top Outdoor Activities in the city of St. Joseph?

Lions Park Beach allows people to enjoy water activities such as swimming and canoeing on Lake Michigan. Fishing, boating, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and more also take place on Paw Paw River, Lake Michigan, and the St. Joseph River. So, there are a number of water sports and activities available. 

For those interested in hiking, walking, or biking trails there are Hickory Creek Preserve and Knauf Park. You can also tour wineries in the city such as White Pine Winery and explore the vineyard. Or you can head to a local golf course to enjoy a game of golf, or some have disc golf courses available as well. The majority of the cities summer activities tend to revolve around the water though due to the rivers and lake that people can access.

During the colder months sledding takes place at local hills and parks. However, there are no trails for snowmobiles, skiing, or snowboarding in the city. 

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