Are Short Term Rentals Allowed in the City of New Buffalo, Michigan?

Are Vacation Rentals Allowed in New Buffalo, Michigan?

If you are considering buying a short term rental in the City of New Buffalo, you may want to think again. We received a response from the city on June 3, 2021 stating the following:

“The short answer is that, at the present time, there is a moratorium on new Short-Term Rentals in the City of New Buffalo.”

There may be an opportunity to buy a property that has already been licensed as a vacation rental.

For the most up to date information on short term rental regulations in the City of New Buffalo contact the city.

Phone: 269-215-2795

The City of New Buffalo, MI

A map view of the city of New Buffalo, Michigan

New Buffalo City Population

The city of New Buffalo has an estimated population of 1,858 people as of 2021. 

City Population Growth

This is a -1.33% decrease from the cities population in 2010 which was 1,883 people.

Grocery Stores in the City of New Buffalo, MI

There are no major grocery store chains located within the city of New Buffalo, however, they do have more local options. These include:

  • Barney’s Buffalo Mini Mart
  • John’s Farm Market,
  • Ex Bud & Elsie’s.

Top Three Attractions

The top three attractions to visit in New Buffalo are:

Top Three Restaurants

The top three restaurants to dine at in the city of New Buffalo are:

  • Brewster’s Italian Café
  • Copper Rock Steakhouse
  • Beer Church Brewing Co.

Top Three Calendar Events in New Buffalo Michigan

The top three calendar events that happen in the city are the:

Is There A Starbuck’s Location?

Yes, there is a Starbuck’s located within New Buffalo, it can be found on North Whittaker Street.

What Lakes or Rivers Are Located in the city of New Buffalo? 

The Galien River flows through the area and empties into Lake Michigan. Allowing a variety of water sports and activities to take place in the area. Such as paddleboarding, jet skiing, boating, and more. 

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Top Outdoor Activities in the city of New Buffalo?

There are a variety of outdoor activities and options for people to choose from in the city of New Buffalo. Due to the Galien River and Lake Michigan falling within the city’s boundaries, there is a public beach for people to enjoy. This includes beach volleyball, walking paths, and swimming to name a few.

There is also a Memorial Park that is known to have great hiking trails and walking paths. As well as the Stateline Stables for anyone interested in horses, sailing excursions for those who want to go out on the water, as well as snow tubing lanes and snow mobile trails for the colder months. 

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