Short Term Rentals in Texas Charter Township

Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed in the Texas Charter Township?

When we inquired with the township on whether or not short-term rentals are allowed on June 24th, 2022, the zoning administrator said:

No – the ordinance requires a 90-day minimum rental.

To confirm the restrictions are the same, here’s the township contact info.


Phone: 269-375-1591

Email: [email protected]

What Cities Are in the Texas Charter Township?

A map image outlining Texas Charter Township.

The Texas Charter Township, formally named the Charter Township of Texas, is located in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, and borders the following cities: Kalamazoo, Portage, and Schoolcraft. 


Kalamazoo is a southern Michigan city with plenty of activities like museums, history exhibits, and a planetarium.

Kalamazoo Population

Kalamazoo has a population of 76,106 people as of 2020.

Kalamazoo Population Growth

The population of Kalamazoo has fallen .9% from 74,262 in 2010 to 73,598 in 2020, according to the United States Census.


In 2020, over 786,935 people visited Kalamazoo to experience the natural wonders and activities available in the area.

Starbucks: Yes or No

There are multiple Starbucks locations in Kalamazoo, including the ones on Michigan Ave., Parkview, and Stadium Dr.

Grocery Stores

  • D&W Fresh Market
  • Trader Joes
  • Midtown Fresh Market
  • Meijer

Top 3 Attractions in Kalamazoo

  • Kalamazoo Institue of Arts
  • Air Zoo Aerospace Science Museum
  • Gilmore Car Museum

Top 3 Restaurants in Kalamazoo

  • Rustica
  • Principle Food and Drink
  • Zooroona Restaurant

Top 3 Calendar Events in Kalamazoo

  • Historic Walks
  • Sunflower Days
  • Weekly Racing


Portage is located south of Kalamazoo and is smaller in size and population.

Portage Population

The population of Portage is 49,224.

Portage Population Growth

The population of Portage has grown at a rate of .53% annually.


Portage features various tourist attractions that draw thousands to the city annually. The largest retail center in Southwest Michigan is in the city of Portage.

A thriving nightlife has a lot to offer for tourists old and young. Outdoor activities include a variety of parks, a city-wide bikeway system, fifteen park areas, four nature preserves, and an ice rink at Millenium Park.

Starbucks: Yes or No

There is one Starbucks location in Portage on Westnedge.

Grocery Stores

  • Harding’s Market
  • Fresh Thyme Market
  • Earth Fare

Top 3 Attractions in Portage

  • Air Zoo Aerospace Science Museum
  • Kalamazoo River Valley Trail
  • Al Sabo Land Preserve

Top 3 Restaurants in Portage

  • Latitude 42 Brewing Co.
  • Grand Traverse Pie Company
  • Fieldstone Grill

Top 3 Calendar Events in Portage

  • Bike Race
  • The Resurrection Blues Band
  • Discover Kalamazoo Sports Golf Outing


Schoolcraft is located southwest of Portage. It’s considered a village and is the smallest of the three cities.

Schoolcraft Population

Schoolcraft has a population of 1,212 people in 2020.

Schoolcraft Population Growth

The population of Schoolcraft is currently declining at a rate of .41% every year. 


Schoolcraft features a diverse set of tourist attractions, including natural beauty, commercial opportunities, and history. Burch park is a beautiful space next to a library for a relaxing day out. 

If you want to do some shopping, check out a handful of antique malls. The Dr. Nathan Thomas House is a historic site on the Underground Railroad and offers guided tours of the property.

Starbucks: Yes or No

There closest Starbucks locations are the ones in Kalamazoo and Portage.

Grocery Stores

  • Meijer
  • Harding’s Market
  • Fresh Thyme Market

Top 3 Attractions in Schoolcraft

  • Dr. Nathan Thomas House Underground Railroad Museum
  • Flowerfield Creek Nature Sanctuary
  • Olde Mill Golf Club

Top 3 Restaurants in Schoolcraft

  • Marjo’s West
  • Nonla Taqueria
  • The Big Dipper

Top 3 Calendar Events in Schoolcraft

  • Vicksburg Farmers Market
  • Wildcat Road and Trail 5k
  • PetVet at Tractor Supply Company

What Lakes are Located in Texas Charter Township?

There are four lakes located in Texas Charter Township: Eagle Lake, Pretty Lake, Duck Lake, and Crooked Lake.

Eagle Lake

Named for the soaring symbol of the United States of America, Eagle Lake is 19 acres and has a maximum depth of 20 feet.

Pretty Lake

The state of Michigan features 11,000 lakes, all of them with beautiful aesthetics. However, only one of those lakes is named Pretty Lake. The lake is 120 acres in size and is 22 feet deep at the deepest point.

Duck Lake

Duck Lake is the largest lake in Calhoun County with 629 surface acres of water and a maximum depth of 50 feet.

Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake is 46 acres and has a maximum depth of over 30 feet.

Top Outdoor Activities in Texas Charter Township

Texas Charter Township has opportunities for lake-related activities for days, but it also features a wide variety of activities that allow travelers to keep both feet planted on dry land. 

Texas Drive Park

Located between 8th and 10th street on Texas Drive, Texas Drive Park features a basketball court, paved railway, playground, pavilion, and multi-use fields. The fields and pavilions are available for event rentals and there is a paved trail enclosing the park.

6th Street Park 

Sixth Street Park is the Texas Charter Township’s most recent park and has elements undergoing ongoing development. With eight pickleball courts, a paved walking trail, and multi-purpose fields, 6th Street Park is worth checking out.

The Al Sabo Land Preserve

The vast Al Sabo Land Preserve is a 741-acre public preserve operated by the city of Kalamazoo. The preserve was established to prevent economic development that would harm the aquifer underneath the surface. This massive stretch of land is easily accessible by a paved trail that runs through the preserve.

The land preserve features diverse landscapes, including forests, wetlands, and meadows. Intrepid hikers should remember to bring a map and a compass to navigate unmarked trails.