Are Short Term Vacation Rentals Allowed in Union Pier, Michigan?

Are Short Term Vacation Rentals Allowed in Union Pier, Michigan?

A map view of Union Pier, Michigan.

Union Pier, Michigan is an unincorporated community. The southern part of Union Pier is located in New Buffalo Township and the northern part is located in Chikaming Township. 

When we contacted New Buffalo Township the fire inspector responded with the following information: 

“The township does allow rentals of this nature and had an ordinance for regulation.

The required inspection ensures that required safety systems are in place and have been serviced. The rental license must be obtained prior to any rental of the property. The license fee is $300.00. License issued under this ordinance shall be effective from the date of approval for a period of 36 months. Rentals must comply with all township ordinances which include noise, dust, litter, odor, burning, and solid waste collection ordinances. Solid waste pick-up is required for the entire year. Applications are available at the Building & Zoning Department. You will need to fill out the application, and send it  or bring to the township, with payment to the building and zoning department.” 

Get more information on the New Buffalo Township short term rental ordinance.

Phone: (269) 469-1011 


When we contacted Chikaming Township on June 1, 2021 the township supervisor said the following: 

“Short term rentals are allowed in the Township.  You can find the information on registering them on our website listed below.”

Phone: (269) 469-1676


Grocery Stores in Union Pier 

Union Pier Market is located downtown Union Pier 

Top 3 Attractions in Union Pier, Michigan 

  1. Townline Beach: A public beach located close to downtown Union Pier. There’s parking for close to 20. It’s a hidden gem. 
  2. Berrien Public Beach: Small public beach access with beautiful views. 
  3. Round Barn Winery: A great place to stop and pick up some wines for the weekend.

Top 3 Restaurants in Union Pier, Michigan 

  1. Union Pier Social 
  2. Milda’s Corner Market 
  3. Black Currant Bakehouse

Does Union Pier Have a Starbucks? 

Union Pier does not have a Starbucks but you may enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from Black Currant Bakehouse. 

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