3 Ways to Get More Mid-Term Rentals During the Offseason

The offseason can be a challenging time for vacation rental owners and property managers. 

The tourist buzz fizzles out, and the high frequency of short-term rentals diminishes. However, the need to keep revenue flowing remains. One increasingly popular solution to this challenge is focusing on mid-term rentals, typically ranging from 30 to 120 days. 

These rentals serve a different market segment than the usual weekend vacationers, including business travelers, relocating families, and even students. But how can you attract these renters and keep your property occupied during the offseason? 

We’ll explore three proven strategies: leveraging Furnished Finder, registering with ALE Solutions, and connecting with realtors to list on Zillow Rent.

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1. Furnished Finder: The Mid-Term Rental Marketplace

What is Furnished Finder?

Furnished Finder is a specialized online marketplace targeting travel nurses and other healthcare professionals looking for mid-term housing. The platform is unique because it caters to a specific set of renters who often require housing for at least 30 days due to their work commitments.

Why Furnished Finder?

The healthcare sector generally operates year-round, making it a stable source of potential renters even during your property’s offseason. Travel nurses are often in search of fully furnished, turnkey apartments or homes for their temporary assignments. This makes Furnished Finder a perfect avenue for properties that are fully equipped and ready for occupancy.

How to Get Started?

  1. Create a Listing: Start by creating a compelling listing that highlights all the amenities and conveniences your property offers. High-quality photos and a detailed description are a must.
  2. Set Competitive Rates: Research similar properties in your area to set a competitive yet profitable rate. Remember, travel nurses often have housing stipends but are also looking for value.
  3. Highlight Proximity to Healthcare Facilities: If your property is close to a hospital or other healthcare facilities, make sure to mention this in your listing. Proximity can be a significant draw for healthcare professionals.

2. ALE Solutions: Specialized Housing for Displaced Families

What is ALE Solutions?

ALE Solutions specializes in providing temporary housing for families that are displaced due to emergencies like fires or natural disasters. They work closely with insurance companies to find suitable housing options for their clients.

Why ALE Solutions?

The unfortunate reality is that emergencies and disasters happen year-round. By registering your property with ALE Solutions, you open another channel for mid-term rentals. These bookings can often be more lucrative because they’re generally last-minute and urgent.

How to Get Started?

  1. Application Process: Visit the ALE Solutions website to begin the application process. You’ll need to meet specific requirements and provide necessary documentation, including insurance information and quality standards.
  2. Flexible Terms: Be prepared to offer flexible lease terms. Given the nature of emergency relocations, renters may need short notice extensions or terminations.
  3. Quality Standards: Maintain your property to high-quality standards, as these renters are already going through a difficult time and require a comfortable living environment.

3. Connect with Realtors and Post on Zillow Rent

Why Realtors and Zillow Rent?

Realtors have access to a broad range of clients who might be interested in mid-term rentals, from people in transitional life phases to clients who are waiting for their homes to be ready. Posting your property on Zillow Rent widens the net even further, reaching a large online audience specifically looking for rental options.

How to Get Started?

  1. Networking: Start by building relationships with local realtors. Attend industry events, or reach out directly to discuss how you can offer value to their clients looking for mid-term rentals.
  2. Create a Zillow Listing: Just like with Furnished Finder, high-quality photos and detailed descriptions are key. Be sure to specify that you offer mid-term rentals in your listing to attract the right renters.
  3. Review and Screening: Both realtors and Zillow offer resources to help you review and screen potential renters, ensuring you find reliable tenants.


Filling your rental property during the offseason doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By diversifying your strategy to include specialized platforms like Furnished Finder and ALE Solutions, along with traditional real estate channels like realtors and Zillow Rent, you can attract a steady stream of mid-term renters. 

These strategies not only maximize your revenue but also reduce the wear and tear associated with frequent short-term rentals. Start implementing these tactics today and watch your offseason become just as profitable as peak season.