5 Essential Tools to Maximize Earnings on Airbnb 

I often get asked what tools I use for managing our vacation rentals.

Commonly referred to as a “tech stack.”

Instead of answering “what do you use for dynamic pricing” or “what do you use for property management software,” I’m just going to throw the kitchen sink at you.

We use all of these. 

They help automate, optimize, and maximize returns. 

The Top 5 Tools for Managing Our Properties

1. Pricelabs

Pricelabs is our dynamic pricing tool of choice. We’ve used it since day one, and it’s paid dividends.

Here’s why…… 

When we started, we said we’d be to the moon if we got $500 a night. Pricelabs started us off at $1,000 per night, and we got it! 

The following year it set the price at $1,650, and we got that too! 

We would have never imagined we could get that much. 

Get a 30-day free trial.

2. RankBreeze

Why do I love this tool? 

Because in my former life, SEO was my jam. 

RankBreeze is the only SEO-type tool for Airbnb that I know of. 

Monitor your search results in Airbnb and make tweaks until you move up the pages. 

Just like Google, nobody goes to page 6. 

Objective: be in the top 5 results on page 1. 

Get a 7-day trial

3. Hospitable 

Time is money, and this will save you both. 

Hospitable is the most powerful automated guest communication software in the industry. 

Automatically send your guest their check-in instructions and door codes. 

Touch base with your guest to see how their stay is going. 

Send checkout instructions…..

All without you having to do anything after the initial setup.

I love the design and user-friendliness of the software too! 

Get a 14-day free trial.

4. OwnerReservations 

OwnerRez may be overkill if you only have one property. 

At a certain point, trying to manage multiples without one becomes a nightmare, as noted in the LinkedIn conversation below. 

A screenshot of a conversation with Jacob, who says managing without a PMS is a nightmare.

If you only have one or two properties, you can get by using only Hospitable. 

After that, consider OwnerRez. 

Why did we go with this one? 

Because Bill Faeth recommends it and in a group poll OwnerRez won the majority votes…….

And it wasn’t even close. 

We switched away from IGMS if that helps. 

Try OwnerRez for 14 days.

5. FB Groups 

One of the best ways to learn tips and tricks is to be in a community of other hosts. 

I’ve been part of several groups since the beginning. 

One of my favorites? 

The FB group Build Short-Term Rental Wealth

In addition to that, I’ll be very active inside the Michigan Vacation Rentals Facebook group. 

It’s the largest Michigan-specific vacation rental Facebook group. 

A great place to learn and get direct bookings. 

I’d be honored to have you join the group

In some instances, by following the links above, we may receive a small affiliate commission. We wouldn’t recommend them if we weren’t using them. 

Michigan Home That Does $100k Plus in Revenue

Meet “Grass Lake Lodge,” a 5,000 sq ft private retreat. 

I talked to the owner on the phone and they are crushing it with repeat guests…..

I can see why! 🤩

A collage of 4 different pictures from the Lake House in Michigan.

What I love about this place: 

👉 Privacy! We look for multiple acres but this takes it to a new level with 65 acres. 
👉 Your own private lake stocked with fish 😍
👉 Amenities: Ping pong, pool table, darts, hot tub, etc. 

If you are looking to get away for a family or friends retreat, this would be the one. One day you’re hiking and the next day you’re having a fishing tournament. 

The possibilities are endless!

Check it out on VRBO.

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