Are Airbnb Prices Negotiable?

If you’re an avid traveler or even someone looking to escape for the weekend, you may have wondered, “Are Airbnb prices negotiable?” The answer is a resounding yes!

Unlike traditional hotels with fixed pricing models, Airbnb provides a platform for interaction between guests and hosts, opening the door for potential price negotiation.

Here’s how you can approach the negotiation process and an example of what such a conversation might look like.

The Answer: Yes

Airbnb operates on a business model that grants hosts pricing flexibility. This flexibility, coupled with the personal interaction between guests and hosts, means that you often have leeway when it comes to negotiating the price.

Whether you’re booking a last-minute trip or you find yourself enamored with a listing slightly above your budget, a friendly negotiation might just land you a better deal.

Insight: Some hosts are always willing to offer a discount and some hosts will never discount a stay. It’s a numbers game.

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How to Negotiate Airbnb Price

1. Find Several Places You Want to Stay

Your first step should be to identify multiple listings that catch your eye. Having several options not only helps you understand the price range for the kind of stay you’re looking for but also gives you a backup plan if negotiations don’t go as expected.

2. Reach Out to the Hosts Via Airbnb Messaging Platform

Once you’ve shortlisted your favorite listings, you can initiate contact with the hosts through Airbnb’s messaging platform. The key is to strike a respectful and friendly tone. You want to be direct about your query, but avoid jumping straight to the price negotiation.

3. Let Them Know That You Are a Good Guest

It’s important to distinguish yourself as a desirable guest. If you’ve used Airbnb before and have good reviews, now is the time to point that out.

Being a respectful and reliable guest makes you more appealing and could sway the host in favor of negotiation.

4. Accept the Special Offer

If the host agrees to negotiate the price, they will send you a “Special Offer” that you can either accept or decline.

Be sure to review the details carefully before making your final decision.

An Example Conversation Asking for an Airbnb Discount

Wondering how to actually go about asking for a discount? Here’s a sample conversation to guide you:

You: Hello [Host’s Name], I hope this message finds you well. I’m really interested in staying at your listing on [Dates]. It looks like a great place!

Host: Hi [Your Name], thank you for your interest! The property is available for those dates. We’d love to host you.

You: I’m thrilled to hear that! Before I proceed with the booking, I was wondering if there’s any room for a discount? I’ve stayed at various Airbnbs and have always received positive reviews from hosts. I assure you, I’ll take good care of your property.

Host: Thank you for letting me know, [Your Name]. I’ve taken a look at your reviews and they are indeed very positive. I can offer you a 10% discount for your stay. I will send a Special Offer for you to review.

You: That sounds wonderful, thank you so much [Host’s Name]. I’ll review the Special Offer and go ahead with the booking.

Make It Easy for Them by Having a Lot of Great Reviews Previously

The more positive reviews you have, the easier it will be to negotiate a better price. Hosts are far more willing to negotiate with guests who have a track record of being respectful and responsible.

Each positive review is a step toward building a reputable guest profile, which can be a strong negotiating tool for future stays.


Yes, Airbnb prices are negotiable, and you stand a good chance of securing a better deal if you approach the negotiation process thoughtfully.

Keep in mind that your ability to negotiate may depend on various factors like timing, demand, and your own reputation on the platform.

But with careful planning and respectful communication, you may be able to make your next trip more affordable.

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