From Taking Notes to Taking Action: Steve VanStrien’s 1st Year in Vacation Rentals

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Tony Stancato: Steve, thanks for joining the podcast.

Steve VanStrien: Hey thanks Tony. Thanks for the invite. Glad to be here.

Tony Stancato:  Absolutely. Hey, would you want to take a second and just kind of walk us through what your current short-term rental? Portfolio. Looks like.

Steve VanStrien:  Yeah, so I currently have two short-term rentals. One started last year, probably mid year, it’s up and running. And right now we’re doing a like a midterm, kind of like a monthly rental on the off season and then I have another home over in South Haven area. That we purchased actually towards the end of last year and we’re actually going through the process of getting it up and running and set up to activate here, hopefully at the end of February. And then turn that on to airbnb and get some, get some bookings in that and get some income coming in. So right now we’re currently have two stevensville South Haven areas, kind of like the south Western of part of Michigan. But yeah, and hopefully a lot more to come. Let’s just say that.

Tony Stancato: There we go. Nice. Yeah, so kind of what got you interested in short-term rentals at the beginning?

Steve VanStrien: Yeah, so my wife and I I have actually been interested in Short-terms for about five, six years. Now, it was just after our middle son was born. We’re both family of come from six siblings, so kind of large families and we wanted to create like a family experience for our children. Um be able to have places where it can go vacation, different things like that. So we were like, Hey, let’s try to find something like a cut or something. We can go to on a regular basis and then what if we can actually rent it out when we’re not there to, you know, to cover it right? Because at the time we, you know, we couldn’t afford a second home or a vacation home so like hey is there way we can cover this? And I’m still enjoy it. So we started there?

Steve VanStrien:  Knowing nothing about it. So I asked around some of my networks, some of my peoples and Hey, does anybody ever done short-term rentals? What do you know anything about it? We actually end up getting in touch with amazing, couple up in Rockford. At the time, they had 10 short term rentals that they manage themselves and they both worked full-time in their own personal business. Um, I would say the best investment I ever made was to drive up to them.

Steve VanStrien: And pay for dinner and just ask them questions. I came loaded with probably 20 to 30 questions about What do I need to know?

Tony Stancato: What?

Steve VanStrien: What made it successful for you? You know, all that type of stuff and we just, I just opened book. Like, What Do I Need to Know? And there were, they were amazing. They helped me out through the entire process, what to do, what to do, how to get started, where to look and that kind of started on our journey. Like, Okay, we use that guidance and We started looking our initial conversation was Okay, we want something that we can use personally, but will be something that will bring us enough income to cover. Because what we did not want to have to do is have like, you know, a couple mortgages or try to figure out how we can make all these expenses work. It was like, we need enough money coming in to cover the expenses but something that we can still use.

Steve VanStrien:  And the hard part was that’s really hard to do for personal use and still cover that you still can. You can find them. But my wife and I we like certain things when it comes to vacationing. So it was a little harder to find something, we like that can still bring the income in. So, we were searching probably about two to three years. Jordan was helping out us out with some of the searches and then probably what? Two, three years back, Jordan gave us a call and we’re, I mean, we were struggling to find a home and my wife, and I sat back on, like, Hey, maybe we need to find a different approach. I think, two days later, Jordan called us. And said like, Hey we’ve having a lot of success here and you know this area and to the point we’re looking at starting a property management company and I’m like, Okay, tell me about the area. The only thing I remember about the whole thing as Jordan describes it

Steve VanStrien:  I’m just thinking this sounds terrible. I would never want to vacation here. and, And, you know, I just do it any like, smart man. Does I go? Let me talk to my wife and we’ll check it out. And so I went to my wife and I go. Hey, did you ever hear these locations? And she goes, Yeah, everybody loves to go there. It’s a great place. It’s, you know, family. It’s got all kinds of stuff. I’m like, Okay, what would you ever want a vacation? There she goes. No, I’m like perfect. This is exactly what we need. Something that everybody else loves, but we don’t want to vacation or use and, you know, it just, it just naturally went that way. Like, we couldn’t find something for personal use, but


Steve VanStrien:  Finding an area that, you know, was bringing in quite a bit of income in that area. But also somebody that could help manage our property was what we really needed at the time. And so this is when we kind of really stepped into it and you and Jordan have really helped us out along that process. So that’s kind of where we’re at right now. You know fast forward a couple years so

Jordan Painter: yeah, it’s funny when when we first talked about it, I think Steve you were kind of on the same track that Tony and I were on when we started, which was Hey let’s find something up north, let’s find something, you know, whether it’s by on a lake or whether it’s by like Michigan, or the dunes or hiking trails. And the more we dug into it just weren’t able to find properties that make sense. So then it kind of transitioned the same thing that when Tony and…

Steve VanStrien: If?

Jordan Painter: I started was, Hey, do we want something for an investment, or do we want something for personal use, and in return on income. And so, yeah, you ended up making the same choice we did. But I want to go back. You had mentioned the couple in Rockford that you had picked their brain. Can you give us a couple nuggets that you learn talking to them?

Steve VanStrien: Yeah. Actually, I still go back to my notes. I don’t think I recorded and I wish I did. We talked probably about three hours. Like, what? What got you into it? What were you looking for? Some of the biggest ones I found was?

Steve VanStrien:  You got to have something that you can rent out throughout the year. Those the biggest thing so they have they there’s are all focused around lakes but they’re like Hey you need to have you need to look for this. You need to look for the regulations and what you can rent and where you can’t rent. You need to have a strong cleaning system or cleaning process. You need to make a unique experience for individuals when they come in, It’s not like, you know, just another house. They need to have experience and fun, but I what it really came down to, they’re like, Hey, anybody can do this, you know, we both work full-time in our own personal business, but yeah, we still manage 10 houses. And you can do it, it just takes time, it takes dedication.

Steve VanStrien:  And those are probably the, some of the biggest things like, Hey, you know, it can be done. Yeah, first I was like, I don’t know. Is it worth? Is it worth it? Can you still make an income and I go like, Is this still profitable for you and they’re like, Yes, I have a now I have my own personal that we don’t rent out so they technically had 11 but they were like everything. Is paying for my perfect luxury, build. Final home that I can vacation in myself, you know. And I’m like, that’s great and even nuggets like, Hey, you know, in 30 years from now, we now have 10 assets that we can use to retire

Steve VanStrien:  And I I that one hit me too because I want to create an assets for a legacy for my family. You know, I have three kids. What’s man, when they start getting into their, you know, can handle finances in their own money. What type of thing can I hand to them? That they can actually increase income? And, you know, what’s that passive income? I can pass down to my kids. So that’s really, you know, that was like some of that main nuggets. I’m like yeah, I definitely need to do this. I wish I started sooner and found some of those but everything you know God’s got a plan, it all worked out and now we got to. So

Jordan Painter: That’s awesome.

Tony Stancato: That’s awesome.

Jordan Painter: Yes, I think in so many cases, we are our own worst enemy and you can find all the excuses and all the people who say it’s not gonna work and it’s it’s so easy to talk yourself out of it. So I think that the hardest one is the first one. You just got a jump out of your comfort zone and and get into it. And I love the idea of income replacement and…

Steve VanStrien: Now.

Jordan Painter: that legacy that that you’re going to be able to leave for your kids if you keep it going. That’s fantastic.

Steve VanStrien: Yeah, I mean that was the biggest thing getting out of your own head knowing that it is possible. Yeah, I mean I look at it as like you know when when you go to a swimming pool or you go to the beach and you’re like tip twin into the water because it’s kind of cold. You got to be like your kids just dive right in. Like they have a blast. Just it’s initial shock but then you realize like man, this is fun. Why don’t I do it sooner? And in some cases it may not be the case.

Tony Stancato: Yeah.

Steve VanStrien: You just have to see what’s best for you. What approach do you want to take?

Jordan Painter: Absolutely, that’s awesome.

Tony Stancato:  Are there’s all located in. one specific area or they kind of spread out across a bunch of different lakes,

Steve VanStrien: When I talked to him there was kind of spread out to a lot of different all sports lakes mostly up in the northern Europe because that’s where they lived. So they wanted to be somewhat close that they can still manage and go back and forth and keep an eye on. I’m not sure actually where they’re at now. This was, you know five six years ago I still have their listings actually. So I’m gonna go back now and see how they’re doing, but I guarantee you,…


Tony Stancato: But yeah.

Steve VanStrien: they still have them and you know, it’s just, it’s amazing. Also, how many people are willing to share their knowledge.

Jordan Painter: It.

Steve VanStrien: If you ask, if you find the right people, find the people like just sit down and ask the questions. Like How did you get started? What should I be looking for? How, you know what approach? What might be best that you everybody’s different. Everybody family is different, right? If you’re married you need to be aligned with your wife and when it comes to finances, right? You need to think through plan What strategy do we want to take? But you know, there’s it’s different for everyone, but you got to get some of the basic knowledge but then like so just dive in you know, find the people that’ll help you through the process. So you’re not alone.

Tony Stancato:  Yeah. Absolutely. What would you say? The biggest surprise has been jumping in. Any surprises.

Steve VanStrien:  As the biggest surprise I think was even starting now. It’s like finding a property that can still bring in some good income like a good return. You can go in one location and I’m I was shocked, you know, as some of the numbers that Jordan showed me I’m like, Wow, how did I not see this? But then you go honestly like five ten miles up and you’re like, this is terrible and potential. It’s at the pockets that have the potential, you know, Jordan was mentioned, like, Everybody thinks like that lakes are great or like, you know, the major cities. But I found like there’s so many regulations around this. There’s so many different things that

Tony Stancato: Yeah.

Steve VanStrien: Can hinder the potential income you have in that you need to be aware of. And that’s why getting around the right people asking those questions like What should I be doing? How do I call these? You know, townships to figure like Hey what can I do? And then you know Tony you have a lot of resources that you shared on these podcasts and everything earlier. Those are great resources right. How do I evaluate this property and make it worth it? How do I look at the expenses? How much should I figure? You know, Those are all questions that everybody needs to go through. But Yeah my biggest surprise is like how some areas can be completely successful and some areas Not that to me still surprises me.

Tony Stancato: Yeah.

Steve VanStrien: I still go like, this is gonna be a great one. You look at You’re like, Well, that was terrible. Like What? No way I think I look. I sent you. One of the hate Tony. Kingston the check this out for me and you didn’t even have to drive in. You’re like, No, you know,…

Tony Stancato: Yeah. Yeah.

Steve VanStrien: the location is terrible. We don’t know. Yeah.

Tony Stancato: And I think one of the biggest questions we get asked, is, you know, everybody thinks Hey Southwest, Michigan Beach Town summer. You know, you’re you’re shutting down at, you know, call it September 15th or October 15th and you’re not getting a single booking for, you know, up until maybe Memorial Day, right? But I would say, yours technically in, Stevensville, has probably been the most occupied over the last Call it eight months and that that comes from utilizing midterm rentals, right? We had somebody come from out of state needed a place till they bought a place. So I think she was there four months. And

Tony Stancato: Literally just got a family, the moo kind of moved in for three and a half months while she’s doing travel. Nursing. And I mean, the surprising thing was, like, there is a big, I think there is a big demand for those midterm rentals. She told me we were number 13 or 14 on the list, so she called 13 other people trying to get in there and…

Steve VanStrien:  Wow.

Tony Stancato: they all set up not available. I’m guessing it was all on furnished Finder but everybody else told her not available and got a hold of us and, and we got her in there and she’s loving it. So, you know, I think again, I think a lot of people think that there’s not occupancy during off season in in Michigan, but you’re definitely kind of leading the way in terms of occupancy at that, that three bed, too bad. So just yeah, Awesome.

Steve VanStrien: Yeah. Yeah, I’m actually loving it like it’s nothing like having income coming in that covers at least all your expenses and then plus some, right? That was one of my fears like What do we do on the offseason? How do we bring this in? Because we’re short-term. Yeah, your biggest income is through the summer months and it doesn’t have to like any parts of Michigan are like that. So like when we were searching earlier for the lake, so you know, there’s no mobile trails. There’s ski resorts, there’s a lot of things like, That’s what you love about Michigan, You know, it’s pure, Michigan, there’s everything you can do. It’s just, you’re finding your audience and then you’re appealing to that audience, but I do love this. The monthly rental, the midterm. I actually talked to a few people who do log term rentals and…

Jordan Painter: If?

Steve VanStrien: they are looking at completely furnishing their homes and providing that type of service because it just there’s still it’s worth it. So yeah, I love it. I’ll probably do that again for this house. Again the following year especially…


Jordan Painter: Up.

Steve VanStrien: until we get like strong, you know, quite a few reviews. I always say like you 30 to 50 reviews, then you might want to keep it open but it really depends on your location too. Every location you have to evaluate it. A piece by piece. It’s not the same for each house. So yeah we’re loving it, I’m loving it. So

Tony Stancato: yeah, and I think we and I think me and you talked, and I talked with some other homeowners, I mean, it really comes down to weekend. Bookings is essentially where we’re going to be at in the offseason in Michigan. For the most part from what we’ve seen, right? We’ve we’ve had some contractors come in and book a couple weeks. But for the most part it’s like Friday through Sunday, right? And then so you got to look at your Friday through Sunday cost in what we can get on the nightly rate for that and then totally not those weekend. Bookings, and say, Let’s say we’re a hundred percent booked on the weekends. How does that equate to, you know, wrenching it out on the midterm rental, right? And if it’s significantly lower, you know,

Jordan Painter: Yeah, it’s great to have that guaranteed. Do you know you’re kind of banking on? Hopefully, it looks up weekends. What we found is the the summer months book up in advance much more. So than the weekends, you know, you might be, you might be vacant thinking, you’re gonna be vacant…

Steve VanStrien: Up.

Jordan Painter: until Wednesday or…

Tony Stancato: You.

Jordan Painter: Thursday and then, the last minute booking comes in or it might just not book. So that guaranteed income for three and a half months during off seasons, pretty pretty ideal, in my opinion. So,

Tony Stancato:  Absolutely. Has there been any big challenges Steve that you would say kind of going into it again, I think you’ve been in a nine months now, right?

Steve VanStrien: Yeah, they’re probably I think starting out was You know, we talked to earlier you got to just dive in that’s always probably the biggest challenge some other I think challenges always changed throughout your journey too. Right. So like right now, I’m like, okay, how to my biggest sounds like How do I continue to finance additional homes?

Tony Stancato: If?

Steve VanStrien: Like these? I was I’ll be honest the my first house I was shocked at how much income. I still had coming in to the point where I did not plan on buying a second house that same year, but like it made sense, it worked out and we’re gonna have it up and running.

Steve VanStrien:  In a great location here in the beginning of the year. So I know that one’s gonna be successful too, so like hot. My biggest Jones is, How do I keep my finances flowing? So I can keep investing and other properties. But then I think the other challenge is, people got to realize, it’s a, you have to put money into this house to get it up and running, and there are always surprises, no matter what you do, how much times you go through it. Even the inspection reports, there’s always gonna be something else and you have to know kind of when like, Okay, is this investment gonna be worth the money? Like, Hey, do I really need Grant countertop or Can I just do like a Formica or You know, what types of things do? I need to look at because you want to manage your expenses. So some of that surprises, we have in this past house, we’re like

Steve VanStrien: Hey, there’s three inches of water in the garage. What, what’s going on? That one was a little shock, but hey, we, you work through it and you get it done, because you want to make sure It’s appealing for people, right? My thing, I love the most is, it’s, you got to create an experience. It’s not just a home that they can come sit and hang out. You’re creating an experience. For people so that way they can give you tell others about it, right? That’s really…

Tony Stancato: Yeah. yeah,…

Steve VanStrien: what this is. It’s a hospitality business.

Tony Stancato: we literally just did a oh,…

Jordan Painter: Yeah, but

Tony Stancato: I was gonna say we just did a podcast called The Valley of Despair, you know. And again you buy it, you’re super excited. You found one that that makes sense and then all of a sudden you know all that excitement seems to dissipate relatively quickly as soon as the money starts going out right? I mean you start to question is it ever gonna end? Um because there’s always something and…

Jordan Painter: but,

Tony Stancato: then you start furnishing and then you need more, you…

Steve VanStrien: It.

Tony Stancato: So we’re and all this stuff and so until you get that first booking it’s a it’s a journey.

Steve VanStrien: oh, Yeah. Yeah, you got to look at it like, you know what, I planned on this. That’s just just get it out of your head, just pay for it and then yeah, won that first booking comes in you’re like, Oh, this is awesome. I’m gonna be a millionaire. You think that you’re just like, okay, it’s just one booking, man, just, you know, but it’s it’s a great start and that feeling of the first booking is is great.

Tony Stancato: Absolutely.

Jordan Painter: Young, I’m glad you brought up the the challenge of financing because you did some kind of unique financing on this. Last one you did. Can you tell us about…

Steve VanStrien: Yeah, so,…

Jordan Painter: what that looked like?


Steve VanStrien: one of my things that I don’t want to get into was the debt income ratio going back and forth. You know, your first one is actually, there’s a lot of things you can do with, you know, regular lenders. And you can try to get it going 10% down, because it’s a second home depend on your area. But once you get into your third and fourth, it really starts affecting your debt income. So, I went and to a

Steve VanStrien: It’s a third party lender. It’s a dscr type of alone. And what it is, is it looks at it as a investment properly,…

Jordan Painter: What?

Steve VanStrien: so it doesn’t pull anything personal into mine, so I don’t need w2’s, I don’t know tax forms, all that stuff, it looks at the property completely on its own.

Jordan Painter:  and,

Steve VanStrien: There are only a few lenders that I’ve found that do that. There’s a couple more that I’m looking into for future investments as well. Because what it does is it looks at the property itself, it evaluates it and then it pays in that. Now the thing is you still have to have a down payment and so one of my challenges like, hey, how do I bring in an up income to help cover some of those down payments?

Steve VanStrien: So I really liked it. I think you know, you got to find the right person that you can connect with the work with someone that you know that you can trust. So like it I know there’s a quite a few things out there that you need to look…

Jordan Painter: If?

Steve VanStrien: When you look at lenders, so ask questions, you know don’t be afraid to shop prices at some of those things, you know, don’t just find the first one and go with them, you know, look around shop around but there are a lot of options especially as it comes to investment properties that you can do. And I know Jordan and Tony, you guys were looking at a few other ones too, I’m just options and ideas.

Tony Stancato: Yeah, we A lot of our conversation is like that’s one of the things you should almost always be looking for and always connecting with you know, a banking partner potentially. So even if you find a good one you just never know when things will change. I mean we literally had Um a loan going through and then a new manager came in and the new managers looking at it different. So you just never know when things are going to shift a little bit. And having more than one banking partner in your,…

Steve VanStrien: It.

Tony Stancato: you know, your circle of influence is is definitely ideal.

Steve VanStrien: Yeah, I mean it’s great point especially, even if anybody’s starting out that, you know, you really need to have that stuff lined up and ready to go have talked to your lender, know what you can do, what works well for you, so you can really find that ideal but income property for you. So be prepared. Do that work ahead of time. So that way, when the opportunity comes you’re ready and you can move on it, have that stuff ready and aligned before you really dig into finding the perfect one for you,

Jordan Painter: Yeah, great point.

Tony Stancato: Absolutely.

Jordan Painter: It is it is incredibly difficult to find a property that fits all the boxes and you can get it the right price and if it does it’s almost certainly going to be competitive. So yeah, having that financing lined up is crucial and making sure that it the numbers make sense before you make that decision. So great advice. Whatever will be amenities,…

Tony Stancato: If?

Jordan Painter: you’d mentioned, you know, creating that unique guest experience.

Steve VanStrien: Mm-hmm.

Jordan Painter: So, tell us about some of the amenities that you have that the properties, and maybe maybe some that were aiming for and planning for, for the new one.

Steve VanStrien:  Yeah. Yeah, no, great question. So yeah, you want to create an experience in the thing is to, you want to create experience for a lot of groups. So, for our stevensville house, one of the things I really love is there’s a theater room. I mean, I I’m a marvel guy. I love watching sitting down, my relaxing is sit and watch a movie. And then another thing that I love doing is board games. So one of the things we have in that or Stevensville house is, it’s kind of like a private room. It’s really nice. Tony, and that you guys did great setting it up. It’s like a little game room. You can do just a two play, but you can bring in a whole group of play. So we have, you know, Pink, you know, all types of ping pong tables. A lot of amenities. Hot tubs are always a thing. I don’t like hot dogs, but I know everybody else does. So you always have to try to figure out what works for the audience. You’re trying to gather, so we have five bits. So there’s a lot of amenities. My thing is like, one. I look, I always look for places that have a lot of amenities. I’m probably not going to use, you know, half of them.

Steve VanStrien:  But the idea is that it’s there and I can create the experience. So one of the things I’m looking forward to in this next house is we’re gonna do like a little switch council game setup and then we’re gonna do a lot of like outdoor hat. This one has more privacy, so we’re gonna do like a nice fire put fireplace area. We’re gonna do like some volleyball, a lot of outdoor activities, but then also a lot of stuff you can do inside. You know, I’m rainy days and we’re close to the beach. So you want to try to supply things so that way people don’t have to bring things when they come to have that experience for you. So I know one of the things I do really care about is creating that experience.


Steve VanStrien: So I know like some of the things like Tony and we all agreed on. Like I am willing to help pay and invest and is, you know, if it’s somebody’s anniversary, give them a gift, give them a gift card. Let them go out to town. Hey, thank you for, you know, a special note saying Just hey, thank you for celebrating your anniversary here with us here. Enjoy this, you know, Tony always has called candy hanging out, like my kids want to grab it. There’s no Milky Way there, Tony. And just saying, So you won’t have to worry about me taking they can’t All…

Jordan Painter: You better do better.

Tony Stancato: Oh, come on.

Steve VanStrien: But it but it is a, you’re you’re looking at who who’s coming and how can I make this a great experience for them? Because what happens is they give you those five-star reviews. There’s nothing like having a house but you guys have quite a few of them. They’re like you get over 50 reviews and they’re five stars, you’re like Obviously I want to hang out at that one but it’s also I’m they’re gonna have higher expectations. So you have to pay to invest into that to create that experience because it will pay you dividends in the long run. So you got to look at the long-term a little bit, but I’m pretty bullish. I’m like, I want I want an experience for the for everybody.

Jordan Painter: Error, which was really cool.

Steve VanStrien:  No.

Jordan Painter: We were able to write it all the equipment in for that. This next one. Also, I think it’s just important to find find the things that you can maybe use that are already there. So, the one that that you just purchased has a little shout out back and…

Steve VanStrien: Yeah.

Jordan Painter: it’s actually pretty, it’s actually a decent size shed and so we’re actually gonna convert that until kind of a little tiki hot bar, just to give some, you know, some kind of indoor outdoor space and somewhere to, to hang out and, you know, whether or not people utilize that it’s gonna be sweet in the pictures and it’s really going to be an appeal for people. So the more of the features of the house that you can really use and transform the usage, you know, we could, we could put a lot more and rakes and stuff in there. Or you can make it a really cool hangout space.

Steve VanStrien:  Yeah.

Jordan Painter: That is, is gonna be attractive to people. So,

Tony Stancato: We might have we might have moved to lawn mower and rakes on Saturday…

Steve VanStrien: We’re open to it still there’s a lot of options,…

Tony Stancato: though though.

Steve VanStrien: right? But you’re right. Like What do you have that? You can utilize. It’s how can we use it? We also looked at like Hey is it worth turning it down and building something really kind of nice In that area? We have to you have to have those conversations.

Jordan Painter: You know. Yeah.

Steve VanStrien: And they the plans change, too. You got to look at it and…

Jordan Painter:  Yeah.

Steve VanStrien: be able to be on the flow. So but yeah, amenities are important. I love them. It creates that experience.

Tony Stancato: Yeah. Final question. What tips would you have for somebody looking to get their first property?

Steve VanStrien:  Mmm, one tip or kind of give a couple I guess.

Tony Stancato:  Let’s say you only could give one. What would that one tip be the most important thing in your opinion?

Steve VanStrien: In my opinion, the most important thing is to be. If you’re married to be aligned with your spouse, on your goals and what you’re trying to accomplish because that creates a, You know, a unique and fun experience, but if you’re not on the same page it’s just hard. It’s challenging,…

Tony Stancato: It.

Steve VanStrien: you go through a lot of no struggles so get on the same page and just be what are what do we want to do? What are we looking for? Is it personal use or do we want to just use it as pure investments? You know if that’s the case it changes your approach then go get that. Go get lined up, get your pre-approvals answer and you’ll sit down with somebody. Get your questions asked and then just get a line. And then be willing to to move and run with it, because it is a lot of fun in my mind.

Tony Stancato: I love that one because yeah if you’re not aligned, I mean if you’re not aligned at home it just makes the whole endeavor that much more challenging at. I mean it’s already a challenging, you know, it can be a challenging business already and then if if you’re not aligned at home and just makes it that much tougher, I guess.

Steve VanStrien: Yeah, I would say if my wife and I were not aligned on this stevensville, I mean home, she would’ve been really mad at me and the first few days because we didn’t have some good experiences in the first few, she would have been really mad at me, like, Why are you doing this? You know, but we were aligned, we’re like, Okay, what do we do? You know, and I just made Yeah,…

Tony Stancato: Yeah.

Jordan Painter: Yeah, effort. That was a doozy.

Steve VanStrien: you know, there’s gonna be up and down. You gotta, you gotta realize. There’s gonna be ups and downs. Most of the time, almost all the time. You have great guests, they take care of your home. Different types of things and, you know, once in a while you have to deal with it. But that’s why you have a property manager, and then they can handle it for you. And you don’t have to deal with it. They just fix it. So that’s what I love about a property manager. Tony and, you know, Jordan, they do great with that. They help create that unique experience. And, you know, I’m looking forward to continue to working with you guys.

Tony Stancato: Awesome. You’ve been a real pleasure to work with as well, definitely an ideal client. So we appreciate that if anybody wanted to connect with you outside of here, maybe if someone had some questions they wanted to ask you, where’s the best place to connect?


Steve VanStrien: Um, so I’m not on any type of social media, I disconnect from that, I actually on LinkedIn so you can find man, LinkedIn, direct message me but otherwise Tony, if somebody reaches out to you they want to chat with me just you are welcome to give them my phone number. So

Tony Stancato: Okay, awesome. Well, thanks again for joining us and we’ll, we’ll talk later. Thanks.

Steve VanStrien: Awesome. Thanks, Tony. Thanks Jordan

Jordan Painter: Thanks Steve.

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