Waste No Time: A Trash Startup’s Rapid Expansion Into the Vacation Rental Industry

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Explore the exciting journey of a trash can startup taking the vacation rental industry by storm in this captivating episode.

Hosts, Tony and Jordan interview Alex Shapiro, who details the rapid growth of their waste management business, now catering to 1200 clients and 4,000 properties across 15 states.

Hear about the inception of their ingenious service, how it operates, and the factors that contributed to their impressive expansion. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the world of startups and the vacation rental landscape!

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Tony Stancato: Alex, thanks for joining the Pod.

CM INC: Thank you, nice to see you, Tony nice to meet you, Jordan. Glad to be here. Pretty opportunity.

Tony Stancato:  Yet. Absolutely. What what part of the country you’re joining us from today?

CM INC: I’m in Mesa Arizona. That’s where I reside 6:30, my time in the morning but I love it. I have a full day of meetings and this is my first one, so you’re setting me off on a good tone. So you know, will they say Mondays a case that something about the Mondays but not for me. I love Monday. So it Yeah.

Jordan Painter: You get up and…

Tony Stancato: Boom, love it. Except for,…

Jordan Painter: get after it. I love it.

CM INC: Yeah, that’s it.

Tony Stancato: you know, we just had four or five, Arizona type days, you know, and woke up this morning and got that Michigan snow. So you know this this Monday morning a little different but hey soon enough summer will be here and we’ll be rocking and rolling. So,

CM INC:  You’ll be in that pool that I saw you posted a picture of

Tony Stancato: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Soon as we get it cleaned out and…

Jordan Painter: Not anytime soon here. Based…

Tony Stancato: First up.

Jordan Painter: what I could see when we went through last weekend. It is not ready for for human beings to jump in.

Tony Stancato: Hey Alex, why don’t you take a take a minute.

CM INC: Yeah.

Tony Stancato: Tell us a little bit about yourself a little bit about your business and in how you got started in the industry.

CM INC: REO Real estate owned properties. You know, real city own REO, agents were working with these banks. And so I got a end with a Fannie Mae, Sam vendor doing contracting work for these REO agents. So, from there got into title and escrow and then title and escrow was like my thing. And so I really like fit fixated on the investor world. That’s kind of where I got into it. So unbeknownst to me. I’m in Scottsdale Arizona, working where it’s like the neck of short-term rentals. And I’m also working with a bunch of investors that

CM INC:  Or converting from the properties into short term rentals because we’re in the short-term rental market. So like it was just like a perfect like, I couldn’t even, you know, drawn it up this way. Um, and my business partner Mark, he actually started Cam Monkey with the thought process of just doing homeowners, just in like his neighborhood, not like a national thought process, but like, hey if I can get a couple people around here and I can hire a kid to do it and my hands not taken down, that was like his thought process and but he had owned some other businesses and did this business. Like you would, if you want the business school, you know, spent the money on everything you got a lot of car wrapped it with, you know, wrapped it got a really great website, got PR was on the news, was on TV, like everything. And after the first year had less than 25 sign ups and was kind of just like, what is going on like, and you invested a lot of money was not getting the return.

CM INC:  And he was one of my first mentors, when I came back from Florida, which is kind of funny how everything comes full circle. And he was just kind of shooting, you know, you know these ideas at me like what I want to invest with him in Cam monkey and I just shot it down. I was like That’s so stupid. Like I don’t want to do that. I don’t know. I would even pay for that. And but then what happens and what? I now realizing happens with everyone is that it just starts at drip in your head like Oh there is a service that can do that. Oh, interesting. Because at the time, this is like 2017, 2018, there was no companies doing really, what we’re doing now at not even at the scale or even a smaller scale.

CM INC:  And that’s not what I got into it. It just really when I got into is when I was like saw some, my investor clients were like I would use that. I was just saying, okay, well they’re gonna use it, then some other people use it and then I would just would be a investor in it while I grew my business in the portion, 500, You know, corporate America, country or world and pandemic happen. I lost my job and I was like, no I got the side thing going and on this and go all in and that was May 2020. And at that point we probably had less than, like, 300 400 properties. At the time and it realistically, having three kids at the time, probably wasn’t the best idea, but I had made some, you know, good decisions on some trades on stocks, which I think everyone at the time was and I was like, no, I could last a couple months, you know, I have enough money in the bank to. So you start throwing these ideas out there and everything was shut down. I could travel my family and kind of grow can monkey.


CM INC:  So that’s a long answer, but that kind of how it started, just got into real estate industry. 13 years ago. It’s love it. I mean, I know you’re in it in the capacity where you’re I think I’ll always stay in. I got my real look at my wife. I didn’t make my wife but her she got her real estate license versus a real estate family, you know. So I’m glad I can still be in as a vendor.

Tony Stancato: That’s awesome and tell us, exactly. So tell us exactly what your service is kind of your main offering.

CM INC:  Yeah, thank you. So our bread and butter so is a can to curb surface. It’s they created the can to curb service for our company. So Tan, Monkey is the first trash to curb can to curb. Or we essentially just take your trash on a second trash and recycling cans to the curb day before. Pick up the following day. Wants the city comes and empties out the cans. We come later and return them back to the original locations. We take timestamp pictures, and we also geo locations on our application. Just to kind of prove that our people are there. But anyways, we use technology to make sure that our can runners are making sure the cans are in the right location and where they’re at, and then you have our clients have proof of it. So we’re like the uber of trash cans right now. It’s kind of how recording it a little bit. Just go online, sign up, and it’s taking care of

Tony Stancato: Oh, that’s awesome. Well, a couple things I can tell you lived across from Jordan here before, and I used to be his can runner, because every Friday, I think it was, he like, Oh, my wife’s gonna kill me, I forgot to take it out again. So, you know, even on the residential side, you can see where, you know, it would be definitely something that a lot of people would be interested in. I mean, Jordan seemed like, he’s about batting 50%, Maybe maybe he’s getting better now, but and then I can also say, just from a short-term rental perspective, Our first encounter with the township was because we were actually not handling the trash appropriately. So we have a lot of checkouts on

Tony Stancato:  Sunday. And then we would put the trash out on Sunday, Monday and then trash pickup was like, Wednesday or Thursday. So, you were only allowed a certain amount of time and I’m sure that’s like most municipalities. But we just thought we were in a smaller town, so maybe we could push the limits on what was possible, but got the letter of the stating not to do that anymore. So we, you know, had out here the cleaners to do that and I mean, yeah, so definitely a big need. Especially it seems like short-term rental space was definitely the gasoline on the fire or your guys’s your business. So you said, when you first started it was like or when you jumped into a full time. Yeah, maybe 300

Tony Stancato:  Clients in total or 300 properties in total. What is it kind of look like now? And is it still located in just Arizona? I don’t think so because I think we talked a little bit about some Michigan opportunities, so why don’t you just kind of tell us a little bit about what that looks like now.

CM INC: Yeah, when I, when I first invested into it we had like I said, 24 properties and then when I fully jumped in about a year later, we were around 350. This is during the pandemic where we had lost some but then we had gotten those right back. So I’ll save around. 350 and with 350 properties, we maybe had maybe like a hundred and

CM INC:  Twenty five, clients, the time now we have, we’re in 15 states over 75 cities over 4,000 properties, on subscription and we have over 1,250 individual clients that pay us every month for our service. And so if a client has a hundred properties with us, that’s one individual client. So we have 1250. So we’ve really gone from this like side, hustle startup and we’re still in the startup phase, but now we’re turning into a business. And then I want to go from business to company and then it’s just kind of having this own evolution of itself as of right now,

Jordan Painter: So you’d mentioned all the stuff that your business partner had done.

Tony Stancato: That’s awesome.

Jordan Painter: Originally trying to market the business, Is there. One thing that you can point to, to say This is, This is how we got from 300 to, to thousands.

CM INC: I. Yeah, and so nothing that he did was wrong, I think it was kind of

CM INC:  So how I always operate and is like revenue covers all sins. So if I can make money, then I can figure out that like, I’ll figure out the back end, How he works. Is he needs everything to be up and running like the right way and then he will try to. So I don’t operate that way. Like I don’t build a website and I don’t, I have revenue coming in. I don’t have a website yet. It’s like so I just did the opposite of that. So, to your point, I saw a need for without having. So he didn’t see what I saw in the in a short and they’re gonna another way to put it. So in his way right now, we did his marketing after right now, it would work because now we have or bigger. Like, at that time when you have no clients, if people are like, Hey, I need you and South Haven but you’re only a new buffalo, you can’t go, it’s not the same, you can’t have one property in South Haven and have, you know, 25 properties, and buffalo. So like his idea of like growing, this was good but like it didn’t hit off. Like he thought he thought hundreds, We’re gonna come in every day. He thought people were gonna understand the thought process of what this new.


CM INC: Was. And so now like what the difference was was being methodical and and really like when you try to sell everyone, you sell, no one. And so, when I just went after my one thing, which I learned from like the real estate world like Gary Keller, your one thing.

Jordan Painter: One thing, yeah.

CM INC: Like, one thing was short-term rentals and that not to say like more than 25% of our business. So 75% of our businesses short for rentals, the other 25% is homeowners elderly, you know, people who are, you know, can’t walk disabled, whatever it is.

CM INC:  Or capable people that just like Know what I’ll pay $49 a month Cuz I’m Jordan and I forget half the time and I just my wife be happy, I was you know, so like whatever, you know. So um, everyone has their system or solution. It’s just, I found that Tan monkey is the best at, you know, making sure your cans are always empty. Whether it’s us taking the cans, the curb for you or are on a man, trash removal that we have in every service that will also come and empty the cans for you. If the city misses or you have a check out on Sunday with the new check out in and you’re still a couple days away and you just don’t want your new guest senior, like, whatever the solution may be. We have an answer for you, but to answer your question, I talk a lot to answer your question though. I just knew exactly what I was going after, and he just was thinking everyone, he didn’t really have a avatar of who he was going after and it’s not his fault, he’s starting something those completely new now. If we did that, I think it would work because we could now target a little bit differently.

Jordan Painter: That’s awesome. You mentioned, you guys are kind of like uber of trash does that mean, is there like an app? That one of the biggest problems that we have in our business is just the housekeepers the people. How do you find people? How do they sign up to work for you?

CM INC: So, exact. Good point, we, I say the uber trash and like, like airbnb, like owns no homes. Uber owns no cars like we own no cars or no homes as well. So, what we do is, we kind of function in like the we were as much of them in the short term, rental industry, and that’s what we’re talking about right now. I’m also in the gig economy, so my can runners are important to me just as much as my subscribers are every month. The 4,000 properties I was talking about is great, that brings revenue in but I wouldn’t be able to service that if I didn’t have my can runners. So Cam runners come from like the gig economy. They also come from like, stay at Home Moms. They come from people who are students, they come from like they’re a mix of people. I have, are one of our best hand Runners is and Scottsdale been with us for three years. She’s in her like, like 50. She’s a mom like she works in W2, that’s still remote now, and she’s like, Hey, I’m me the money I make from Can monkey every month, pays my hoa, my mortgage. And I get to still have my business calls on my phone because like she’s remote. And she

CM INC:  Loves it in. Her kid goes to school. So she just drives from like 11 to two and then picks up her kid. Keeps her everyone. I’ve heard so many different things. Our best can runner last year, made 48,000, you know, running routes with us, so it’s like not a full-time job. I don’t say that. Like, I try to sell people out of being a can runner. It’s like, Hey, do you have two hours a day that you want to make maybe twenty dollars an hour at? Yep. Okay, cool. Come work with us because that’s what we’re doing. But what we all do is provide, you consistency and persistency. So you’re trash days, the same every week. Jordan. So you have to go out the day before the day after. So then I would build a route around your property and everyone else’s property. So it’s like

CM INC: Did you lose me? Yeah. Okay.

Jordan Painter: Yeah, go ahead and repeat that lawsuit for just a second.

CM INC: So, I would take your property and all the other properties around you and then create a route every week being the same week. So we’re like the modern day like paper route, you know? So think of it like that. So I just build routes and then the more properties that come along, the more dense I get in the more dense, I get the more probable I get and the more problem, you know. So it’s like

CM INC:  But I just that’s kind of it in a nutshell. So they don’t mind it because they’re, they’re looking for a gig. They’re looking for something like this. They’re already working for uber or ubereats or grubhub, or maybe they’re over having people in their cars, or they’re over food in their cars or whatever the store is. But they like, having this consistency, two to three hours a day or the days that they’re scheduled or they pick and then we’re on the App Store on Google play. So they download the app, they, you know, go right to their app, they send them their routes, they get paid three days a week. Um, it’s, you know, they like they, they like it and they now tell people. So it’s just now spreading


Tony Stancato: But yeah that’s awesome. And so you mentioned like $20 an hour or they paid based on cans, pulled essentially a fee depending on what area they’re in or is it like Hey you just get a flat rate or per can you pull

CM INC: It’s based on an algorithm and then now we are just making it like a flat rate because it’s like in the algorithm. So it’s kind of like our secret sauce but it’s like for example,…

Tony Stancato: but,

CM INC: like Say I have a route that can you know, do 20 stops in an hour, say 20 stops an hour and say, Pay the person a dollar stop, I can say I pay 20 dollars an hour, right? I can control the route and…

Tony Stancato:  Yeah.

CM INC: how long the route is like, I gave you 10 addresses and you put in a MapQuest, it’s gonna tell you how long it takes to go to all of those. So if I give my stops and…

Tony Stancato:  Yeah.

CM INC: it takes you an hour to do those with a three minute, whatever it’s like. So I can now make. So now on my end, I reverse engineer, I go to my team that hey, make me a bunch of routes that can get done in 20, you know, 20 stops an hour. I’m just throwing this as an example and…

Tony Stancato: Yeah.

CM INC: like, for example, if I go to New New Buffalo,

CM INC: They don’t have 20 stops an hour. I’m not making. Yeah. So like I try to keep it in that range and that’s where I try to build a route around and it’s like those that actually can I build a route that can have 20 stops an hour? No, you can’t build it in this market. Then I’m not gonna go that market and that’s just kind of like a quick like how you probably look at properties that are, you know, wholesaling you have your way of like running the numbers real fast that that’s just my my big mind.

Tony Stancato:  Yeah.

CM INC: Like if I got like eight properties and Atlanta Georgia today from someone like, Okay, I’ll take those eight properties come. Probably sure. I can get another eight properties from someone else. Another eight properties from someone else. I’m probably sure they’re in the same area. And and that’s kind of how we’ve been able to grow. Is that people now hear about can monkey and they’re like, That’s that service that can help me with this need. And now they reach out and they ask for help. And I have 20 other properties in that area. So I had their eight. There’s, you know, 28 properties, route, build, and it works. It’s that’s how it’s working.

Tony Stancato: That’s awesome and…

Jordan Painter: so,

Tony Stancato: you said sorry and you said that Let’s say I mean again short-term rentals I mean sometimes I’m just My mind is blown by how much trash people can have in like a weekend stay and…

Jordan Painter:  Current.

CM INC: Right.

Tony Stancato: like, they’re totally. We have three cans and we’re always looking out. Do we need another one? And we get there after one weekend and…

CM INC:  Yeah.

Tony Stancato: it’s totally full. And now we’re like, Oh gosh, now we got to get these emptied. So you guys actually provide some of that as well.

CM INC: Yeah, so right now we are we’re starting our like so I make jokes that we were in the flintstone stages and now we’re going to the jetson stages of our business. So with the App Store, we’re also now integrating with different PMS systems. So we’re all have your scheduling already and then now I’ll know. Now, if you opt into this, if you’re a Camel key subscriber and you opt into this, when you’re PMS system that we integrate with, I’ll know that if you have a departure date in a rival date happening within 24 hours, and it’s like 72 hours away from the city coming, I can automatically schedule a pickup to where now, you don’t even have to let me know. I just now automatically know, based off your scheduling and your apart departure and arrival. That, I’ll go right after basically your cleaners, leave and pick up the trash and empty it all. And then now, you just get a separate bill for that property. And, and…

Tony Stancato: That’s all.

CM INC: you can say And you can now tell me like, Hey, Alex, I only want it for these properties because they sleep 12 And I always, even though I already have three cans, I already know that they get filled and I just so it’s Gonna be very every property but it’s gonna be now, like I’m trying to make it even simpler for you. I’m trying to be like a stakeholder in your business and what I’m doing for your business is just handling the trash. So Jordan does his thing you do, your thing and then Alex and Chemung does their thing and we’re just like part of your business, but Still like a third party.

Jordan Painter: What what area…

Tony Stancato: That’s all.

Jordan Painter: what areas in Michigan are you currently operating? Is it just new Buffalo or

CM INC:  We’re a new buffalo right now. We’re about to start around since Southaven pretty soon. We have, I think we need a couple more properties, Detroit, starting in the next probably, two weeks. And, as of right now, that’s where we have enough to get started. We’ve had interest in other places but not enough to have it like Look into like any routes completed. But you have like we have enough getting Can Runners is never really. It’s always like a song and dance. It’s like you have enough hand runners. We don’t have enough properties. Then you get enough properties. They need more can runners. And then you and then like in Arizona we have over 2400 properties in Arizona alone to where now it’s just like, that’s where that my thought process goes back and making 10 others Arizona’s. Then, like, I’m set, you know. So it’s like, Arizona is perfect. That’s where I get the 20 stops an hour because they’re it’s so condensed and that’s why I can take risk and go in these other markets and start building. Because I know that I have the volume nationally.

Tony Stancato: That’s awesome. Have you looked at Traverse City at all? I’m sure you’ve heard of that.

CM INC:  Yeah. Yeah.

Tony Stancato: We made a bet internally. Hey what are the biggest areas in Michigan? For short-term rentals? And I was betting that Southaven was like number two behind Traverse City. And I think everybody else thought it was a little bit smaller, but based on what we looked at, I mean, South Haven, definitely seemed to be number two, and Traverse City did seem to be number one. So could be a good, I’m sure. It’s on your radar radar and something that you’ll be pursuing and being in that area in no time.


CM INC:  Yeah, people always ask me where the next market we’re going to and honestly it’s like the the people will tell us, you know, it’s like I have on my like I have probably dozens of markets. I have properties. And right now, the addresses waiting to go and I can get a call from someone today. That has 50 properties in the market, that is not on my radar and I can get started within five days. So it’s like, I don’t choose the, you know, the markets will choose us and then sometimes well my say, no I’m not. Everything is a yes, you know. So there’s a lot of markets that we have like I said that we have a lot of interest in but we don’t have enough properties and I don’t want to go in and, you know, Mess up anything. So I now I know, like where we need to be what we need to have to get to operational part.

Jordan Painter: It’s awesome.

Tony Stancato: So what’s your minimum 50 to go into a Area.

CM INC:  15 15 to 25 to be honest in a given route. So like I said, like if like like and that’s why like if I can get 15 properties, that I can build a rat around that are like an hour, an hour and a half. I’ll do that. Even though I’m losing money on that, I’ll do that. Knowing, like, having conversations with you guys. Like, Oh my gosh, Alice, there’s probably hundreds in this market, like, we know someone that has 10 over here. We’ll give them a colleague knowing conversations like that. Okay, I’ll go in with 15. I’ll get the route going. I’ll pay the can runner 20 to 25 30 dollars an hour. To get them excited about doing a really good job in the beginning, and then build it up to where now, that makes sense. Make that person like a market leader that, you know, can I have? So like we have our ways of doing it, if it makes sense in a market that like, I want to get in cuz I know that there’s a, you know, a longevity.

Tony Stancato: It, and is it? I mean, the way I’m thinking about it, so, in one of the areas that we operate the most in, it’s There’s pick up on like Monday and I think there’s pick up on Thursday. So you really need though. 15 to 25 on the same day, technically, right? Or even if it’s spread out across two different days, that’s fine.

CM INC: Yeah. So that’s what I’m saying. That’s where we’re different. Like, it’s really people like Why can’t I just do this myself or Why are you like in a second look anyone can do this and everyone is doing it as some capacity. It’s just like you you said That’s four times a week. That’s 16 times a month. Someone has to go to that property and back 16 times a month. So for $49 for you know, most cases, we’re going to your property. 16 times a month like

CM INC: How do you find someone to do that, you know? And honestly,…

Tony Stancato:  Yeah.

CM INC: it’s like that, it’s 15 properties and we’ll take care of everything else, That’s why, like I’m saying, like we had the volume. So anyone else getting into 15 properties in that market probably would be losing money on it or be charging a lot more and that’s what we’re seeing. And people are now competing with Cam monkey, which is awesome. I love being the second person. I love people saying like, Oh, I already use a company. Like yours, what’s different about you? Like I love that because I’ve always come from them, trying me, out and being skeptical or waiting for me to fail or being like this is stupid like whatever it is, and I’m always like, so now to be this. So anyways, I now can like keep my same prices of the 49 and coming new markets, where people like, How are you keeping these prices? Or How are you doing these prices? Like, Well, I built this around What I need, in my business, partner needed like $49. A month came from what I needed. Anyone else has a $49, a month price. They’re just copying what we’re doing like and then like, you’re not gonna make any money on this because like this is based off what we did. If you’re,…

Tony Stancato: Yeah.

CM INC: you get to do your own numbers, your own

CM INC:  Business like 49. We were, I didn’t make any money for four years. Like if I was coming into this now as a business and copying the $49 a month and trying to like paint, like, There’s no way. So it’s like it’s kind of funny. Not when I see like, other people think keeping this price which is good, it is hard. And you can. I mean, the neighbor next door, might do it for ten dollars a week. That’s still $40 a month and at forty dollars a month, are you getting that one? A man? Trash removal. Are you getting can cleaning options or are you getting pictures? There are time. Stand. Are you getting your own dashboard on the app? Like, probably not. So now to compete with that like if I as long as I keep my prices, whether it’s at, That’s my mode and as long as I keep doing a great job and making sure that we’re persistent consistent, and the job is getting done, and my clients are happy and they’re spreading the word and the name like I’m just gonna keep growing, it’s just gonna take maybe a little bit longer than most, but at one point in time, you know, bottled water wasn’t a thing. And, you know, I heard that from people. I think that’s crazy because I don’t know anything. But bottled water but, you know, and at one point it was probably really weird for

CM INC:  A higher pool guy in a landscaper, you know, so it’s like we’re just a new vendor that. Now, what I’m seeing is that when people add on new short-term rental properties and they go through their vendor list to go through, like okay, I turn on electric. I got turned on water and I gotta get Cam monkey, where’s another? Vendor in that checklist of theirs going on to adding on a new property. And that’s what we were going for.


Tony Stancato: Yeah, I love it and you know 49 bucks seems like a really good price to be honest just kind of knowing what we pay cleaners to do it and then we got to do the scheduling and all that stuff. So automated taking care of the dashboard, all that stuff, well, worth the $49. So I’m sure we’ll be utilizing your services in the near future right between New Buffalo and South Haven. There’s a place called Stevensville Saint Joe, you know, so make that one of your next stops as well. Is there?

CM INC: Okay, all right.

Jordan Painter: I think we can be your 10-15.

Tony Stancato: Is there?

CM INC: That. Is it,…

Tony Stancato: What’s up? Oh yeah, Grand Rapids.

CM INC: you know, he can help with the 15 I think. Yeah. So like that’s it. Like if you just even like, just share it in like a Facebook group that you’re in, or even like add me in the Facebook group but I’ll sell it. Like it’s really one of those things like

CM INC: Like you’re really you really are helping like we are helping people like whether it is like elderly or whether it’s a business owners like yourself, there’s knowing that like you taking things off your tasks like you don’t to give the cleaners a schedule anymore. It’s just done. And then now you’re giving your cleaners and like they’re probably happy now that they don’t have to deal with it and then now you’re giving them a solution. Like if there’s any excess trash, I don’t to put in their trunk like I hear horror stories from these cleaners, so we’re helping, you know, keep retention and and you know, help make, you know, more revenue in the back end because now they’re gonna be happy. You now focus on your actual task and, you know, get on more properties. And when you get more properties, and I don’t care monkey in the back end.

Tony Stancato: It really is a no-brainer. Is there anything that we didn’t ask? Is there anything any additional information that need to cover? I mean sounds like a great story. Sounds like You guys are going gangbusters from Arizona to Michigan. You know, that’s quite the quite the journey in a short period of time. So excited guys,

CM INC: Every. No, I don’t. I think, you know, for the most far, I think that I, if you need to know anything else, go to Can Monkey.com, that’s our website, there’s a vacation rental side of it. There’s a homeowner side of it both, same service, but just kind of breaking up for, you know, just to show you what maybe your needs are. But you know, I’m an open book, two reach out for me on Facebook, Alex Alexander Shapiro on Instagram. I’d love to answer any questions for anyone, you know. I even have people reach out and trying to start this business in other markets and ask. Like, I’m gonna open book like I don’t share all my seekers, like I’ll help someone because like, at the end of the day, like, you know, if I’m not in that market but someone else is like, at least I can help them. Yeah. So anyone who’s listening that you know is interested in whatever that talk about today. Please reach out.

Tony Stancato: Yeah, you mentioned Facebook and Instagram but you didn’t mention LinkedIn and which is where we connected, you know. So we’ll make sure we put that in the show notes too.

CM INC: Really. Yeah, and LinkedIn. I’m actually, I’m trying to be more. I mean, I’ve been active on LinkedIn, but that was a mental, you know, note that how to do? Because I’m not a big social media person. I’m really a private person, be honest. And so it’s, it’s been it’s a job but I I appreciate it because the more I do it I get to meet people like yourself and then put myself out there and LinkedIn is a great area for, you know, connecting especially in the business world. Facebook is cool and Instagram is cool but I really enjoy LinkedIn. So thank you for reminding me. Yeah, a link in Alexander Shapiro in there or…

Tony Stancato: Yeah.

CM INC: cape here at Alexander. I have somebody names. So Finally. Yeah.

Tony Stancato:  Awesome. Well, thanks again for coming on and yeah, we’ll we’ll say in connected on LinkedIn and look forward to following the journey and signing up at some point in the near future.

CM INC: Awesome. Thank you Tony. Thank you, Jordan. Appreciate it. And I’ll be Yeah,…

Jordan Painter: Nice meeting.

CM INC: hopefully, see you guys soon in one of these conferences. All…

Tony Stancato:  Sounds good.

CM INC: see you guys.

Meeting ended after 00:29:39 👋

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