Best Luggage Racks for Your Short-Term Rental Property

Most guests to short-term vacation rentals tend to live out of their luggage. For a longer stay, they might use dressers and closets, but for the typical stay, clothes will remain in the luggage, and guests will welcome a great luggage rack.

Why are Luggage Racks Important to Have for Guests? 

A picture of a luggage rack in a room. There's tall curtains and an end of a bed in the picture.

An effective rack will keep luggage off the floor and keep contents more organized without creating a large obstacle in the room; a rack makes it easy for guests to grab what they need from their bags.

Guests will appreciate this thoughtful amenity, and you’ll stand out as a host since not every host provides luggage racks. They’ll especially appreciate how much easier packing to go home is when a piece of luggage is on a rack.

From a host standpoint, luggage racks provide an alternative to placing dirty suitcases on beds or other furniture.

Most luggage racks fold so they can be stowed away when not in use, a handy feature when a guest decides not to use the rack. Guests also may use the rack in a way not originally intended, such as a side table.

The best of both worlds may be a luggage rack in the lower portion of a closet, so the guest can hang some items but stow the rest in the suitcase on the rack.

These racks may seem fairly straightforward without much difference from one to the next, but you’ll discover that the luggage racks listed below actually stand out as superior choices. 

Top Luggage Racks for Guest Rooms

1. Winsome Scarlett Cappuccino Luggage Rack

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[26.54 x 18.66 x 20 inches]

This solid-wood option in a “cappuccino” color offers thick, sturdy, high-quality straps to hold heavy suitcases up to 75 lbs. The design is sleek and attractive and provides a luxurious look. At 5.7 lbs., it’s easy to move and requires no assembly. It stands up to the constant use it is likely to receive in a short-term rental property. The dark-wood tone and gently curved legs will complement many types of décor.


  • Good value; a stylish option that is less expensive than many models
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Appealing curved-wood design 


  • Feet lack padding and could scratch wood floors; consider purchasing felt pads for the feet
  • May be too small for very large luggage pieces

2. Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack

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[24 ¼ x 18 ¼ x 23 ¾ inches] 

Crafted of solid oak with a state-of-the-art finish, the WallSaver model is adaptable to many décor styles because it comes in a choice of light, dark, and mahogany wood tones, as well as a variety of strap colors – tan, black, brown, grey, silver, and even tapestry. The fact that the straps are made of heavy-duty, commercial-grade webbing contributes to the rack’s ability to hold luggage items of up to 100 lbs. The added wall-saver rail above the luggage surface prevents scuffs on the wall and can even be used to hang or drape items. This made-in-the-USA rack comes assembled. At 7 lbs., it is nicely portable.


  • Available in several wood finishes and six options for strap colors
  • Top surface is flat so luggage placed on it does not shift or move
  • Attractive design with rich finishes.


  • Higher price point than many models
  • Some parts of the wood finish have a rough texture

3. Casual Home 102-24 Extra Wide Luggage Rack

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[26.75 x 16 x 22.25 inches] 

This model, with its handy lower shelf, comes in five colors – espresso, honey oak, natural, walnut, and white. Both the top surface and the lower shelf can support 50 lbs. The rack is lightweight at 5.5 lbs. and comes pre-assembled.


  • Bottom shelf adds significantly to the function of the luggage rack
  • Availability of multiple colors makes the rack work with wide variety of design styles
  • Offers premium features at a less-than-premium price


  • Some users have difficulty positioning the bottom shelf.
  • The option to have lighter-colored straps with lighter-colored wood would be desirable.

 4. Winsome Dora with removable basket

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[26.54 x 18.66 x18.66 inches] 

This mid-priced model offers a novel design that includes a removable basket that resembles a laundry hamper (made of 100 percent polyester Oxford). The basket (22.83 x 12.99 x 13.78 inches) can certainly be used to collect dirty clothes – and holds up to 25 lbs. – but it could also store other items, such as shoes and accessories or kids’ toys. The frame is made from solid and composite wood. Minimal assembly is needed for this especially lightweight model (5.05 lbs.). Its vertical-slat design and rich espresso wood tone are distinctive.


  • Offers removable basket that can have multiple uses and help with packing for home
  • Appealing dark-wood design
  • Good value since it serves multiple purposes


  • Lower to the ground compared with many models
  • Basket can be washed only by hand.

5. Heybly Luggage Rack, Steel Folding Suitcase Stand with Storage Shelf

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[27.95 x 8.94 x 1.38 inches] 

The only metal luggage rack on this list, the Heybly model is made of sleek black steel with nylon straps. The rack has the capacity for up to 100 lbs. and has the widest luggage surface of any rack on this list. The rack is lightweight and portable at 6.3 lbs. This model offers the advantage of a lower shelf with plenty of space between the shelf and the top luggage surface.


  • Offers adjustable leg-levelers to make the rack perfectly level so it doesn’t rock and can be used smoothly on uneven floors
  • Has extra wide luggage surface
  • Economical price point


  • Requires assembly

Features To Consider When Choosing a Luggage Rack  

What features should you keep in mind when choosing the best luggage rack? Here are a few to consider:


You’ll, of course, want to strike a balance between luggage racks that are large enough to accommodate big suitcases but not so large that they’re in the way or significantly out of scale with the room.

The width of the rack’s surface can range from a compact 24” to an expansive 27” or more. Height is a consideration, as well. Shorter racks have a more compact profile but may require more bending over to use.

Sturdiness and Capacity to Hold Weight

Most luggage racks are made with frames of wood or metal with flexible straps – made of fabric, nylon, or leather – on which the luggage item is placed. Metal racks can be quite sturdy but are also heavier to move.

Be sure to check the specifications for each rack to ensure it has the capacity to hold a suitcase full of clothes.

Space to Hold Additional Items

Many luggage racks offer just one surface on which to place a piece of luggage; however, some provide an additional lower shelf (great for shoes!) or even a basket where guests can place additional items. Other racks have a back rail, the primary purpose of which is to support the luggage item and prevent scuffs on the wall, but which can also be used for draping or hanging items. 


Ideally, you’ll want a rack that is unobtrusive and doesn’t clash with furnishings in the room. A rack in a color complementary to the room’s décor is a plus, as is a wood tone that goes with other pieces in the room if you choose a wooden rack.

The fabric straps on which luggage is placed also come in various colors that can be coordinated with the room color.

Rack design can align with styles of décor, with teak, bamboo, or a sleek metal finish fitting right in with the modern design, leather straps for a rustic design, and light colors and wood tones for a beachy design.

Keep appearance in mind if you are tempted to purchase a matched set of luggage racks. The design may look great in one bedroom but not be right for the size and décor of other bedrooms, and if you choose to supply a rack in the bathroom, you’ll want one that stands up to humidity.

On the other hand, a matched set can be more economical than purchasing separately.

Ability to be Moved, Folded, and Stored

The more lightweight a luggage rack is, the more easily it can be moved – and you will find that guests love to relocate luggage racks.

Most luggage racks fold, but you may want to check reviews to see how easily they fold for those guests who prefer to put them away and not use them

In closing

In short-term rental hosting, it’s often the little touches that count, and providing luggage racks in all your guest rooms is certainly one of the touches your guests will appreciate. You’ll add immensely to the convenience they experience when you equip your property with these racks.

You’ll want to consider size, capacity, design, mobility, and storage potential, along with features that add extra functionality. The appearance will be an important consideration, and you may decide to purchase different rack styles to go in different rooms – or stick with a consistent set of luggage racks.

Once you’ve outfitted your property with luggage racks, take note of how your guests are using them. You can even consider asking them how the racks are working out for them.

Whichever model or combination of models you choose, the luggage racks are sure to add to the wonderful impression you strive to make on your guests.

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